Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom Cleaning

providing bathroom cleaning service by Removing dust, clean and wipe surfaces. Clean hard to reach places. Shine faucets and cabinet ingredients Vacuum, and clean floors.

Regular Bathroom cleaning

providing regular cleaning for Bathrooms, monthly, weekly and as the properties needed, or one time service.

Bathroom Cleaning methods

using the best methods and Hygienic cleaning, by removing hard stains on the surfaces, and the hard to reach dust and dirt’s, with vacuum, floor scrubber, water and deep steam Cleaning.

Cleaning products

Using Dubai Municipality approved products and using only water by steaming, and organic products are available that safe for environment, pregnant, baby’s and pets.

Surfaces deep steam Cleaning

Surfaces deep steam Cleaning are a Hygienic cleaning and without the use of chemical substances. by avoidance of aggressive cleaning products for treating surfaces. using water only for cleaning, environment friendly and cost-effective.